Which distribution should I use ?

David ROBERT david at ombrepixel.com
Wed Apr 21 10:11:00 CDT 2004

Erik Bourget wrote:

>> We are thinking about using Debian Woody or Mandrake Linux.
> There's a soft spot in my heart for Debian.  I use it on my PEs and 
> it works great.  Honestly, I can't see anyone actually recommending 
> RHEL over Debian  from a management and support perspective. 
> security.debian.org are really top-notch.

I have a question about Debian kernel for dell :
I have installed a Woody using the debian installer :

It works ok, my Raid card is working well with
the megaraid 2.10.1 integrated in the kernel
installed by kveton installer.


Now, what about kernel updates by the debian
Securiy Team ? If I'm not wrong, the official
2.4 woody kernel is 2.4.18-1 and contains old
drivers (megaraid v1.18).
And when a kernel exploit is discovered, the
security team upgrade the woody 2.4.18-1 kernel,
not the one shipped with the kveton installer :-)

So does it means that if I want to use Debian on
my PE Servers, I'll need to maintain my own .deb
kernel packages, and compile new ones each time
an exploit is discovered ?

I used to proceed this way : create and distribute
my own kernels packages on RedHat 5.2 because
isdn staff was too old. But this is really
a work overhead.

Can I have opinions ?


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