Debug info on system hangs, PE1300's-PE1600s (SMP) and RH Linux

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Wed Apr 21 09:43:01 CDT 2004

At 09:12 21-4-2004 -0400, John Murtari wrote:
>         We have run a mix of Poweredge Servers, 1300-1600, all SMP
>systems, and running RedHat from 7.3 to 9.0.  Both Adaptec and LSI
>SCSI chipsets, Seagate and Fujitsu disks. Non RAID.

The lockups with the adaptec cards are a standard feature. Newer drivers 
from the Dell site might work for you and make the issue lesser.

The lsi logic cards should not do that normally. you might try the newer 
megaraid2 driver which is not only faster but gives some useful /proc stats 
as well.


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