Strange disk behavior on pe1650 with perc3/di

Peter Smith peter.smith at
Mon Apr 19 19:31:01 CDT 2004

Have you exhausted tech support?  Is this warranteed hardware?  If you 
do contact them, they'll probably have you run "Dell Elite Disk 
Diagnostics" on that drive.  Have you done this already?  Also, what 
type of RAID subsystem are you using on the "other servers"?  If they 
are Perc 3/Di's, do they have the same firmware rev?  Have you tried any 
of the other "disk" commands in "afacli"?  Perhaps "disk verify"?  Or 
"disk initialize"?  What does the configuration look like in BIOS?  Is 
it correct?  Does the disk not show up?  What type of drive is it that 
is failing?

As for documentation, try this..

Hope that helps.


kuba c wrote:

>>More problems.
>All problems with this server are now gone. We removed
>"bad" drive and now everything works fine. Strange
>thing is that the "bad" drive works fine with other
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