Setup an Email server

jason andrade jason at
Mon Apr 19 17:15:00 CDT 2004

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Dan Hill wrote:

> I second the Postfix.  I have tried Postfix, Sendmail and Qmail and
> settled on Postfix.  Works very nicely.  Unlike Brian though, I tend to
> either stick w/ a distributions package or compile from source if the
> supplied package can't do what I want.
> One important note,  MAKE SURE you do not allow your server to be an
> open relay.  You could visit,,
> to test it after you have configured it.

postfix out of the box is configured not to be an open relay.  it's been
a while since i've used sendmail since migrating to postfix but i'd imagine
the sendmail crowd will have similiarly configured it.

there are postfix rpms supplied with RHEL which are a drop in replacement
for sendmail.

postfix is _really_ easy to configure for simple mail serving for 95%
of what people need.  you just change perhaps one or two fields (to
set your local hostname/domainname) and it should Just Work.



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