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Brian Provenzano brianp at
Mon Apr 19 13:36:00 CDT 2004

I like Postfix ( ).  Its very easy to setup/configure.
There are a few books on about Postfix...the O'Reilly one seems
to have the best rating (Postfix : The Definitive Guide).  Here is a site
that has rpms that I have used in the past that work well:  They have rpms for almost any RPM-based linux

Good Luck!


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find an SMTP server you want to use.  sendmail, postfix, qmail, smail, exim

paul gajeski wrote:

>I have never set up an email server with linux before. Can some give some
>pointers and is there a good boll out there for referance??
>Paul Gajeski
>paulg at
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