Question regarding HT (and Lotus Domino)

Rainer Traut rainer.traut at
Mon Apr 19 10:47:01 CDT 2004

Thx for your answer,

Sean Dilda wrote:

>>I am having difficulties running Domino 6.51 on PE2650 (each 2GB Ram, 
>>1Xeon HT enabled) servers and RedHat ES3. Though I know this not (yet) 
>>supported (6.52 should be) back in times of Domino R5 it was commonly ok 
>>to run on newer versions of Redhat than it was officially made for... 
>>now it does not seem to...
>>The following is a little offtopic:
>>Problem is, the internal sever task NIF goes completely mad on big view 
>>indexes. It seems it's a problem of size of the databse and every big 
>>view with size bigger than 1GB gets damaged:
>>15.04.2004 04:00:49   NIF: DETECTED STORAGE CORRUPTION ERROR 'This 
>>database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure'
>>15.04.2004 04:00:49   NIF: in /local/notesdata/xxx/doc.nsf collection 
>>"Web\Pläne\Ablage Eingang|webvwPlaeneAblageEingang", ID=2663150 length 53248
>>I don't see any kernel output and I see this on multiple servers so I 
>>believe the hardware is ok.

> I have no idea on your domino problem.  Although I am curious.. what
> version of RHL is it designed for?  And what filesystem is the data on? 
> If it tries to get more direct access to the disk, it could be confused
> by some of the journaling filesystems (ie ext3)

It is designed to run on ES2.1, the filesystem is on ext3.
Only mount option I use is 'noatime'.
Both versions of Redhat ES use ext3 so I did not expect any difficulties.


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