Question regarding HT (and Lotus Domino)

Rainer Traut rainer.traut at
Mon Apr 19 08:12:00 CDT 2004

I am having difficulties running Domino 6.51 on PE2650 (each 2GB Ram, 
1Xeon HT enabled) servers and RedHat ES3. Though I know this not (yet) 
supported (6.52 should be) back in times of Domino R5 it was commonly ok 
to run on newer versions of Redhat than it was officially made for... 
now it does not seem to...

The following is a little offtopic:
Problem is, the internal sever task NIF goes completely mad on big view 
indexes. It seems it's a problem of size of the databse and every big 
view with size bigger than 1GB gets damaged:
database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure'
15.04.2004 04:00:49   NIF: in /local/notesdata/xxx/doc.nsf collection 
"Web\Pläne\Ablage Eingang|webvwPlaeneAblageEingang", ID=2663150 length 53248
I don't see any kernel output and I see this on multiple servers so I 
believe the hardware is ok.

Ontopic again:
Question is, how can I temporarily disable HT? To rule out an SMP problem.
Do I neeed to change this in BIOS or is it ok to just boot the UP Kernel?
I'd appreciate any feedback on the Domino problem, too. ;)


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