Which distribution should I use ?

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Mon Apr 19 08:09:01 CDT 2004

There are plenty of derivative RHEL releases. Whitebox Linux is one that
I have tried and liked. There is also Tao Linux and CentOS.
However, my personal favorite and the one which we may end up using is
Fermi Linux. It is supported by the Department of Energy and so they are
not going away soon. They have been using Red Hat since the 5.0 days.
They are coming out with a de-fermi-ized version that looks and acts
much like RHEL AS3 but without all the copyrighted icons. I believe it
will be called Scientific Linux (or SL for short). Any of these distros
look to be as good as RHEL AS3.
A simple Google search will get you the home pages of each. 
Hope that helps.

On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 02:18, David ROBERT wrote:
> Hi,
> My company uses Dell Poweredge servers :
> - PE 1650
> - PE 2650
> - PE 6300
> and we plans to buy a PE 4600.
> I use RedHat linux for a long time and
> I was happy with it. Anyway as everybody knows
> if I still want to use RedHat Distributions, it's
> Fedora or RedHat Enterprise Linux.
> I don't want Fedora because it's not made to
> be used on production servers. I don't want
> RHEL because I don't agree with RedHat licences
> We are thinking about using Debian Woody or
> Mandrake Linux.
> I'm a little bit "cold" about the RedHat storie
> and I think that debian sould be the good choice
> for continuation point of view.
> My questions are :
> - Is debian Woody Ok with dell PowerEdge servers,
> I mean : RAID support, NetWork support, OpenManage ?
> - Is MandrakeLinux Ok with dell PowerEdge servers,
> I mean : RAID support, NetWork support, OpenManage ?
> Or, RHEL is really the only "sure" solution ?
> Any experiences and remarks are welcome.
> David ROBERT.
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