Which distribution should I use ?

Erik Bourget erik at midmaine.com
Mon Apr 19 08:07:00 CDT 2004

David ROBERT <david at ombrepixel.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I use RedHat linux for a long time and
> I was happy with it. Anyway as everybody knows
> if I still want to use RedHat Distributions, it's
> Fedora or RedHat Enterprise Linux.
> I don't want Fedora because it's not made to
> be used on production servers. I don't want
> RHEL because I don't agree with RedHat licences

There's a project called "White Box Linux" that is designed to be a Free
re-packaging of RHEL.  Apparently it's quite compatible with RHEL, to the
point of porting all security updates, etc over.

> We are thinking about using Debian Woody or
> Mandrake Linux.

There's a soft spot in my heart for Debian.  I use it on my PEs and it works
great.  Honestly, I can't see anyone actually recommending RHEL over Debian
from a management and support perspective.  security.debian.org are really

> My questions are :
> - Is debian Woody Ok with dell PowerEdge servers,
> I mean : RAID support, NetWork support, OpenManage ?

I've never used OpenManage <half-joke>because ugly hacks aren't my cup of
tea</half-joke>, but raid and network etc all work.  You might need
a special installer that supports all the hardware, linux.dell.com links to a
page with an ISO image.

- Erik

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