PERC3/Di replacement

Per Steinar Iversen PerSteinar.Iversen at
Mon Apr 19 03:27:01 CDT 2004

On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Peter Smith wrote:

> And also:
> File Description: This software contains the RedHat Enterprise Linux AS 
> 3.0 drivers for the DELL PERC 2, PERC 2/Si, PERC 3/Si, and PERC 3/Di 
> RAID controllers.
> Fixes and Enhancements: -Wait for all commands to controller to complete 
> in Adapter reset error handler.
> -Corrected system hang when using CLI to create arrays under stress.
> -Suppressed erroneous SCSI SRB Error message.
> -Fixed RH8.0, RH9, AS2.1 Stress/CLI Crash.
> -Added precompiled binaries for AS3.0 BETA
> -Fixed Kernel Panic on RH9
> -Added precompiled binaries for the 2.4.20-9 and 2.4.20-9smp kernels.
> Peter
> Per Steinar Iversen wrote:
> >I got a Dell 2650 (running RedHat AS3) where the PERC3/Di locks up
> >regularly, mostly during backup at night.
> >
> >As far as I can discover the problem with PERC3/Di lockups is well known
> >but no solution is in sight. The question then becomes: What other Dell
> >RAID controller is OK a replacement?
> >
> >It seems that the 2650 is sold with a number of different RAID controllers:
> >
> >PERC 3/Di
> >PERC 4/DC 
> >PERC 3/QC
> >
> >Does anyone know if the PERC 4/DC or the PERC 3/QC have the same problems 
> >as the PERC 3/Di?
> >
> >Another alternative is software RAID perhaps.
> >
> >-psi

Clicking on:

Sends me to a page that only says:

>Dell Support in the United States. Choose another region 

Then it wants my service tag. Sigh.

In the end this download seems to be here from my part of the world:

I wonder what Dell gains by making their customers jump around like this?

The patch supports AS3 BETA but not AS3 U1. I am tempted to build this and
see what happens though.


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