New server spec

Matthew Joyce MJoyce at
Mon Apr 19 02:23:01 CDT 2004

> > Sorry to reply to my own post, but I am now considering the 
> > following...
> > PE2650, 3Ghz, 1Gb, 2 x 73GB SCSI
> > RedHat Enterprise Server 3
> how busy is this server ? you may want to add more drives, 
> e.g 2 * 73G for your OS and 2 * 73G for your database, both 
> running RAID1.
> you may also want to buy more than one CPU as this would 
> assist with a web and database application both running.

It is not going to be furiously busy, it's an internal app, less then
30gb db / 50user for the first 2 years.

I though 2x73gb RAID1, would be fine for this and if it gets bigger I
can add drives and move to RAID5.  Originally it was going to be a
pe1750, but as the price is not much different I think it will be a

That said with the extra drive bays, perhaps 3x36 will be more suitable.

> >> I'm looking to buy a dell server to run Redhat 9 (our developers 
> >> preferred platform for app). Which version of RH do I need 
> to use for 
> >> a database/web server ? Professional ?
> >> I'm thinking a PE1750, with mirrored 36gb drives, 3ghz, 1gb.
> You can probably get by fine with RHEL3/ES.  Have you 
> determined if you
> need support or not ? (ES/Basic or ES/Standard)

I'm hoping I will not need support, I think it would be prudent though,
I have a budget to stick too, so it will depend on price. Sadly.

> > Probably with an adaptec U160 and some sort of DLT drive.
> What is the U160 card for ? and why DLT ? it appears you've chosen the
> technology already.. if you have a specific backup requirement you
> may want to consider LTO as an alternative.  whichever one you buy
> from dell they should be able to supply the appropriate card.

U160 - I have had good experieces with this in the past
DLT - cost and we already have existing investment in dlt drives/tapes.

> regards,
> -jason



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