PERC3/Di replacement

Adam Williams awilliam at
Sun Apr 18 18:34:00 CDT 2004

I had this same problem on a poweredge 2500.  It seems to happen with 
people that use RAID 0 on it.  have you tried RAID 1 or 5?  The only 
solution I know of is to disable the 3/di and replace it with a PERC3/DC 
(LSI logic megaraid card) but that will cost around $1000.

Per Steinar Iversen wrote:

>I got a Dell 2650 (running RedHat AS3) where the PERC3/Di locks up
>regularly, mostly during backup at night.
>As far as I can discover the problem with PERC3/Di lockups is well known
>but no solution is in sight. The question then becomes: What other Dell
>RAID controller is OK a replacement?
>It seems that the 2650 is sold with a number of different RAID controllers:
>PERC 3/Di
>Does anyone know if the PERC 4/DC or the PERC 3/QC have the same problems 
>as the PERC 3/Di?
>Another alternative is software RAID perhaps.
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