PE2600 (PERC 4/Di) and RH Enterprise 2.1 EXT3 Issues

Andrew J. Amwoza drewa at
Sun Apr 18 17:53:00 CDT 2004

For one of our clients, we have had a PE2600 running since January using RHE
2.1 (2.4.9-e.3smp) and we have recently run into an issue with the primary
database on that machine.  With the help of the postgres newsgroup, we have
isolated down the postgres issue to the EXT3 filesystem and they recommended
that we have at least a 2.4.20 kernel.  My client does not have a strong
internal Linux SA staff to upkeep this server therefore the "stock"
configuration was used along with gold support options.  For other clients
on other platforms, we either build custom kernels or have more flexibility
on using RH 8/9 or RH Enterprise 3.0.  I know that Redhat has a way of "back
patching" their kernels but I need to be sure we have a stable EXT3
filesystem.  I would prefer to move my client to RHE 3.0 and therefore a
much more recent version of the kernel.  I am nervous about state of the 3.0
support given the lack of support documentation on the
website.  Can I put RHE 3.0 on a PE2600 and if so are all the support
programs available?  Do I have to do anything special with the MegaRaid
Drivers from LSI?




Drew Amwoza
Enterprise Information Solutions Inc.


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