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Sat Apr 17 11:31:01 CDT 2004


On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 14:05, Matt Domsch wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 05:00:27PM -0400, Brian Sneddon wrote:
> > In reference to the posting
> >,
> > Joshua said that simply installing the OpenManage RPMS is not sufficient to
> > get the OpenManage Server Administrator (omawsd) installed.  Is this still
> > the case? 
> Yes.
> > Considering Dell's backing and support of RedHat I'm somewhat
> > surprised that Dell is still providing installation software for Linux
> > utilities which isn't packaged entirely in RPM or at least in tgz with an
> > included specfile for building an RPM out of it (so as to not alienate the
> > non-RedHat crowd).
> An all-RPM mechanism (per LSB specifications) is being worked on, but
> alas, wishing does not make it come true in the short term.

What about using the /opt part of the LSB?  
Wouldn't that easily allow for both RPM and tarball distribution? 



you could even have /opt/omsa/contrib with init scripts for SuSe,
slackware, debian, etc.

That would also make it easier for large server farms (where a omsa
install is undesirable unless needed) to say, mount -t nfs
central.nfs.server:/opt/omsa-1.7 /opt/omsa-1.7.  run diags , umount ...

bonus points for static compiled versions of a few core CLI tools like

scp omreport server.with.blinking.light:/usr/local/bin/

ssh -t server.with.blinking.light sudo /usr/local/bin/omreport
--showtechreport | mail -s "Blinking light on $server" admin at localhost

> Thanks,
> Matt

And thank you for your years of valuable help.

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