PE 4600

Mark Cuss mcuss at
Thu Apr 15 15:04:00 CDT 2004

Hi Adam

I have a PE4600 running RedHat 8 - it holds 8 hot swap hard drives in total,
and I think you can get a kit to install 2 more in the media bay, but I'm
not sure.

My PE4600 just has the basic onboard Adaptec SCSI controller (no RAID), and
it has given a lot of problems - it likes to throw parity errors on the PCI
bus and cause filesystem problems, etc.  I ended up disabling the on board
SCSI and installing an Adaptec 29160 card and cabling it to the SCSI
backplane...  This has been running for a few weeks without a hitch.


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> Hi, can someone give me a little info on a PE 4600?  How many SCSI hard
> drives can it support in its raid cage?  Also, doesnt' it have an
> onboard adaptec/aacraid RAID card?  Can I disable it and use a
> PERC4/DC(megaraid)  with its RAID array, or are they not compatible.  I
> disabled the aacraid card in my PE 2500 and am using a PERC4/DC in it,
> so I don't see why it wouldn't work.  Could a PERC3/SC also be used with
> a PE 4600's raid since its a little cheaper?
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