Various RAID problems

Lukas Kubin kubin at
Thu Apr 15 04:33:01 CDT 2004

In last weeks we are meeting 2 main problems on our PE servers:

1) PE 4600 with Debian Linux, 2.4.23 kernel
	- on orange-ligthing display it shows "PCI SYSTEM" and "PCI PARITY" errors
	- we did no changes in hardware of the system

2) PE 2650 with Debian Linux, 2.4.24 kernel
	- starts for every second try
	- if it doesn't start, it stops just after loading aacraid driver. 
after another restart it boots ok.

Has anybody met that problems? Is there a solution?
Thank you.


Lukas Kubin

phone: +420596398275
email: kubin at

Information centre
The School of Business Administration in Karvina
Silesian University in Opava
Czech Republic
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