Recommendation for gigabit NIC

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Wed Apr 14 17:11:01 CDT 2004

> but I'm leaning more towards Intel. Anyone have any advice regarding
> these contenders?
> Intel Pro/1000 MT
> Intel PRO/1000 XT 
> Broadcom NetXtreme10/100/1000

If you're pushing large (> 300mbit) amounts of traffic you'll notice a
distinct difference between the Intel and Broadcom cards.  The Intel cards
are better, and the driver is much better due to NAPI.  AFAICT there is no
Broadcom NAPI driver.

However, if you're not pushing much traffic, I have heard the Broadcom cards
have some nice tunable features with the latest broadcom drivers.  I haven't
tested this myself having been satisfied with the kernel tg3 driver in later
kernels, at least for < 100mb.  This is with bcm5700, which Dell packages
with their servers.  (Or used to?)

How much more expensive is the MT for you?  CDW lists $50 difference, $137
for XT, $187 for MT-single.  Dell has single or dual MTs on the website for
$149.  Some of the features look interesting but not for copious (36% more)
amounts of $.  Either way I would go with Intel NICs everytime.  They are
just better.


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