File system errors in /var/log/messages

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Wed Apr 14 12:13:01 CDT 2004

At 09:32 14-4-2004 -0600, Mark Cuss wrote:
>Hi All...  Anyone ever seen anything like this:


>I have a few little blocks like this in the log file, and doing a "df -h" at
>a terminal causes the first few volumes to be displayed, then df locks up -
>CTRL-C or even a kill -9 on the df process won't return control back to that
>terminal window.  I imagine that its dying on the disk which the errors are
>reported for above, but I'm not sure how to figure out which physical disk
>it is...  I see the md(9,2), but I don't have 9 md devices.

9 is the major number and 2 the minor which I believe corresponds to /dev/md3

The md device should never through a disk error at you unless you are 
running a non-raid level. Ie. linear or raid 0.

If the md device is ok according to /proc/mdstat the filesystem is borked 
and should be fixed. Depending on how large it is this might take a few hours.

>Could this be a bad disk?  All of the hardware is new - I guess it could be
>a defect or something.  Hardware specifics are a Poweredge 2650 running RH9
>and Kernel 2.4.25 connected to a PV220s SCSI disk array via an Adaptec
>39320D-R SCSI controller.

Or a bad cable. Quite likely. Check the cables, repair the fs.


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