PowerEdge 1650 going bang...

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Wed Apr 14 09:40:15 CDT 2004

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> At 12:25 14-4-2004 +0000, Mark Watts wrote:
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> > > The component that went bang is a small (1" square) pcb that sticks up
> > > out of the motherboard next to the CPU's. It's got the letters   "U 
> > > 5V" silkscreened next to it.
> My best guess is that this "was" the 5V regulator for the CPU(s). (VRM)
> This on average can regulate something like ~10A or more depending on CPU
> etc.
> >Once we removed the raid daughter card to put in a spare chassis, we
> > noticed that the ATI video chip had gone bang too :/ (Explains where the
> > smell came from!)
> As soon as the "big" regulator goes bang and either becomes an infinitely
> huge resistor (which means just the regulator is gone), or it becomes a 0
> ohm resistor what means it will send quite a big surge through everything
> connected to it, which is most likely lots of PCI hardware running on 3.3V.
> See 1.

Well the RAID daughter card still works (its in the spare box while we wait 
for a new server).
The only other card in there was an Intel e1000 dual port card, which looks ok 
but we haven't tested.

Oh, and the ATI chip :)

> Cheers
> 1. Fireworks and smell-o-vision.
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> Seth
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