OpenManage Server Administrator

Brian Sneddon B.Sneddon at
Tue Apr 13 16:00:01 CDT 2004

In reference to the posting,
Joshua said that simply installing the OpenManage RPMS is not sufficient to
get the OpenManage Server Administrator (omawsd) installed.  Is this still
the case?  Considering Dell's backing and support of RedHat I'm somewhat
surprised that Dell is still providing installation software for Linux
utilities which isn't packaged entirely in RPM or at least in tgz with an
included specfile for building an RPM out of it (so as to not alienate the
non-RedHat crowd).  I try very hard to avoid polluting my RedHat Linux
systems with software which isn't RPM packaged as packages make it very
convenient to perform installations, upgrades, as well as locate where
precisely a specific file came from and whether it's been changed.  Does
Dell have any plans to offer this, or does someone already have a specfile
to replace the that the OpenManage installation uses?  I was
delighted to see the RPMs that were included with OpenManage but
disappointed that omawsd wasn't installed as well.


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