PERC3/Di cards on a PowerEdge 2650

Adam Engel adamengel at
Tue Apr 13 15:54:00 CDT 2004


I have been searching the web/Dell for a few days looking for a way to get
RedHat 7.2 to recognize the PERC SCSI card for installation.

I have made the scsi driver disks from RH 9, and RH 7.2 cds. But when I get
to the step to partition my drive, I get an error that states there are no
useable drives found on the system.  RH AS came installed on the server,
however we had problems with it and decided to go to RH 7.2 because a
previous server ran this OS with no problems. Where can I find a driver disk
that will allow me to install RH 7.2 on this server?

Thank You,


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