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To install AS2.1 update 3 on a system with the PERC4 xx all you need to
do is expert noprobe from the boot prompt, say no to the Driver disk and
find the megaraid 2 in the list of storage devices. (you will also need
to go find the Intel NIC as it will not be found)

If you look at the documentation for update 3 it states the following:
   LSI Logic RAID (megaraid driver)

     o The megaraid2 driver has been updated from v2.00.2 to v2.00.9

     o The new driver is addon/megaraid2/megaraid2.o

     o The older driver has been preserved as

     o The default driver remains the megaraid v1.18 driver

As you can see from the last line, the megaraid (v1.18) driver is the
default and will not work with the PERC4, the megaraid2002 is the last
PERC4 driver and the megaraid2 is the new one. That's why you don't see
the storage device when you boot to the CD.

Not very clear but it works if you know about it.

There are a few storage drivers that have issues like this. The AIC7xxx
is still using the old one and you have to change to the aic7xxx_mod to
get the new one to load.

I hope that this helps. This is not some hidden thing, I just had the
time to read all the updates :) and found this issue.

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Redhat refused to provide me with support because
apparently PERC 4/Di is not certified for ES 2.1, only 3.0.

DELL were a little more helpful.

Downloaded the driver from:

Created floppy.

Typed: expert noprobe dd (during boot prompt)
Manually selected the megaraid_2002 driver.
And we had liftoff.

I'm a happy boy now.

Redhat ES 2.1 UPDATE3.
PERC 4/Di on PE2600

Hopefully this will make it easier for anyone else in the
same situation.

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