RAID/NAS/DAS Question.

Brent DiNicola dellpe at
Tue Apr 13 10:52:00 CDT 2004

Slightly off subject but I wanted to get some valuable input from the
collective thinking power I know sees this list. I have a need for some
kind of RAID/NAS/DAS/SAN device about 500 GB in size. I will be connecting
this to a Linux server, and sharing the data on this through NFS to
various other Linux servers here. What I need is to know what some good
options that you have used/seen. I know in the past the PERC controllers
have been said to not be top performers and some say SoftwareRAID is the
way to go. Do I just buy a DELLish box with a PERC in it and set it up
that way? Do I just get a DELLish server and do Software.. or do I get a
dell box with some kind of external device attached? I need to get some
information so that I have something to investigate and research various
options and products. If you have ideas let me know either directly or
through the list. Thanks for any help and information.

Brent DiNicola
The Whitewolf of Imrryr
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