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R. Drew Davis drew at anbauenterprises.com
Mon Apr 12 17:23:34 CDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 07:48, pzero wrote:

> On 4/12/04 2:52 AM, Elmer A. Mendoza wrote:
> > try phpsysinfo or nagios and create some script that will send you email 
> I know how to use Nagios.
> But how do I detect the hardware failure on a Dell server?
> Looking for errors in the file /var/log/messages doesn't seem a reliable 
> way to me.
> Thanks.

Last Thursday there was a tip on this linux-poweredge mailing list that
might help you.   I'll paste it below.   The command is a one-liner, so
if it gets line-wrapped in the mail, you'll need to put it back together



Hi Charlie,

I've also had problems with megamon in the past, and thus have a very 
simple script that I use to monitor the array health.  (can a one-liner 
be called a 'script' ?  ;-)

I run this from cron once an hour, so if any of the raid drives become 
suboptimal, root gets spammed.  If you have more than once PERC, or more
than 10 logical drives, you'll need to tweak it a little.

# checks the raid status, and emails it to root

cat /proc/megaraid/hba0/raiddrives-0-9 |grep "Logical drive" |grep -v "state: optimal"


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