Force gigE NICs to operate at 100baseTX-FD.

Asim Zuberi asim.zuberi.1993 at
Mon Apr 12 17:17:00 CDT 2004

Hi there --
I have the following configuration.....
Dell -- PowerEdge 650; OS: RedHat 9.0; Kernel: vmlinuz-2.4.20-30.9
Network cards: Intel gigE cards 
The requirement is to operate the gigE network cards at 100Mbps
with "no" auto-negotiation.
By default -- the NICs are getting configured 1000Mbps with
I did install the rpm package "e100-2.3.30-rh9-2.4.20-16.9.i386.rpm"
from Intel
to have the 100Mbps functionality....but the NICs are failing to operate
at 100Mbps-full.
Any suggestions?
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