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Brad Viviano viviano at
Mon Apr 12 09:17:38 CDT 2004

This might be alittle off topic, but since devlabel is hosted by Dell, I
thought someone monitoring this list might know the answer to my question.  I
have a PE2650 running RHEL 3 Update 1.  I am trying to use DevLabel with a JFS
based file system which is located on a RAID5 drive set inside my 2650
connected to the Perc3/DI controller.  When I run devlabel on one of the
partitions it tells me:

Uniqueness check failed.  The following devices have the same UUID:

The device UUID for /dev/sde7 is identical to other devices on your system.
Because of this, you cannot use devlabel with this device.

sde7, sde8, and sde9 are all JFS file systems.  I have traced the problem to
/usr/bin/partition_uuid.  When I run that on any of the filesystems that are
JFS based it always returns "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000".  But
partition_uuid works fine for EXT3/SWAP type file systems.  I have loaded the
latest RPM from with no affect.  blkid /dev/sde7
returns the correct information:

/dev/sde7: LABEL="raid2c" UUID="e73ea11d-3019-4510-9f67-2160be89279a" TYPE="jfs"

So I know it is getting a LABEL/UUID.  Is there some patch to devlabel, or do
I need to do something else (Some tune paramiter) on JFS file systems to get
devlabel to read the UUID on a JFS filesytem.

In case anyone is wondering why I don't just use "LABEL=" in /etc/fstab, I was
using that, but as it turns out my PE2650 crashed last night and left the JFS
file systems in an unclean state, at reboot I was getting errors saying it was
unable to locate drive with LABEL=raid2c, but my EXT3 FileSystems using
devlabel mounted without issue.  Turns out the system can not read the LABEL=
value off a dirty JFS file system, once I manually ran jfs_fsck /dev/sde7 I
was able to mount without issue.  So I would like to switch to devlabel for
my JFS file systems.  Any ideas?


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