Fedora Core 1 on PE700 shutdown problems

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Fri Apr 9 17:02:00 CDT 2004


I just installed Fedora Core 1 on a PowerEdge 700 server.

Thanks to this list, I got the ethernet driver working by 
downloading the latest driver from Intel, but now I have a 
couple of additional items:

1. The machine sometimes hangs when shutting down.  The
	last message it prints to the screen is
	Unmounting filesystems:
	and then it just sits there.  I am running software
	RAID with two mirrored drives.  I wonder if the
	problem occurs in the RAID software.

2. The machine will not power off automatically when it
	does shut down completely.

	I tried adding apm=power-off on the kernel line in
	/etc/grub.conf as this post suggested:
	but that did not fix it.

Any ideas on these?


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