PERC 4 performance

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Thu Apr 8 14:15:01 CDT 2004

At 11:08 8-4-2004 -0700, Rich, WhidbeyNET NOC wrote:
>This is a known issue. See related "PERC3/DC, PERC4/DC Write Performance" 
>thread from 1/2/04:
>".. an Advanced Software Support technician, who was able to forward our 
>results to the Dell Hardware Escalation team... concluded the following:
>"The server and power vault are working as designed"

You need to adjust the readahead settings. See the archives at
Search for readahead or something to that extent or search by my name.

>If you Google for general LSI performance concerns, you'll find that is 
>just how LSI cards perform, independent of platform or OS.

Not for the perc4 series.

>Those not requiring special LSI features, such as clustering, may achieve 
>better results with Adaptec or another brand.

Nonsense, quite the opposite! To be blunt, the adaptec cards are crap and 
should not be used under linux.

I don't make sense, I don't pretend to either. Questions?

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