Some questions on omsa (Debian centric)

Charlie Orford spam at
Thu Apr 8 13:24:00 CDT 2004

Howie Frederickson wrote:

> Hi Charlie,
> I've also had problems with megamon in the past, and thus have a very 
> simple script that I use to monitor the array health.  (can a one-liner 
> be called a 'script' ?  ;-)
> I run this from cron once an hour, so if any of the raid drives become 
> suboptimal, root gets spammed.  If you have more than once PERC, or more 
> than 10 logical drives, you'll need to tweak it a little.
> -----------------------------------------------
> #!/bin/sh
> #
> # checks the raid status, and emails it to root
> #
> cat /proc/megaraid/hba0/raiddrives-0-9 |grep "Logical drive" |grep -v 
> "state: optimal"
> ----------------------------------------------------
> -howie

Thanks for that howie :o)

That script, combined with megamon 3.6.1 and the SNMP info from dellomsa 
gives me enough information to sleep a little more easily at night.


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