[Re: Dell 2650 Perc 3/Di RAID failure] (our story)

Taneli Leppä taneli at crasman.fi
Thu Apr 8 03:55:00 CDT 2004

Hi Ben,

Ben Russo wrote:
> Dell, please... fix the problem with not being able to find the boot 
> device during rebuild of failed disk0 on a RAID5 volume.  And it doesn't 
> make any sense not to assist a customer who paid many thousands of 
> dollars for HW that failed in a way that it shouldn't have. It kinda 
> tick's me off.  If your hardware performed as advertised I wouldn't have 
> been asking you for support.

A sad story indeed. We've had RAID troubles this week also. We've
had two PE650s shipped with RAID0 configuration instead of the
RAID1 configuration ordered. The first one went into semi-production
with the wrong RAID configuration - and the RAID controller promptly
broke two hours after deployment. Symptoms: no boot device found,
grub errors, kernel screaming critical hardware error on the controller,

Dell support proposed pulling the drives offline and trying to boot the
server. Unfortunately this is the procedure when you are running RAID1,
not RAID0 as we all though (support included). We managed to boot the
box when we forced drives offline and online and salvaged the data.

On the next day a technician comes in and exchanges the RAID controller.
Both drives are supposedly ok, BUT the other drive is blank because
"the procedures Dell support told us were destructive". The box has
two drives on a RAID0, how in the earth would the RAID controller
blank the stripe set? I can't understand it, but then again anything
is possible on a broken controller.

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