Exact afacli syntax/procedure to replace/hotswap drive (2550-Perc3/Di) ?

Thomas Petersen tomp at securityminded.net
Wed Apr 7 21:34:00 CDT 2004

"Dell PE Support should be able to assist in you using afacli and what the
steps to rebuild the array."

Possibly this is just my experience but..... I called dell PE support last
week requesting some assistance in adding a new mirror.  Simple enough,
though I wanted to confirm the steps as the disks were being added to an in
production server.  After being transferred several times because I was
requesting leenux support I finally ended up with a tech who's response was
"Why don't you just use the controllers interface?".  After explaining the
24x7 operation I run he reluctantly (very reluctantly) pointed me to some
docs on dells website that I had already seen.  When asked to walk me step
by step through the process I find out he has never used/touched the afacli
interface.  Needless to say I ended the call without the answers I was
looking for.

I don't intend to blast Dell tech support as my issues are typically quickly
deal with, though in the past most of the issues have surrounded a Microsoft
server platform.  However, if Dell is going to sell and support Linux  they
should staff the Linux desk with personnel knowledgeable of Linux and the
Dell based Linux tools.  I cannot image that I am the first person calling
for support with the somewhat cryptic afacli syntax and sequencing of the

So best of luck to you in calling and asking for Linux support.

SM Technologies

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Hi David,

I will try and some based off some of my experiences.

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