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Robert Cope robert at
Wed Apr 7 21:01:01 CDT 2004

Matthew Joyce wrote:

> We are planning to run Debian Unstable on a Poweredge 1750.
> this is our first linux on Dell, and will be a very critical app for us.

"Debian unstable" and "very critical app" seem to contradict each other. 
I would suggest using stable or stable combined with backports[1].

> although I have admin'd various lixus boxen in the past, I would really
> appreciate any feedback reagrding the best way to run/manage/recover a
> system like this.
> Essentially this box will run Apache Tomcat and Postgresql and Sun Java.
> What are my DR options ?

One option, that I use often, is to run your main installation inside a 
vserver[2]. By rsyncing the vserver tree to a secondary vserver host on 
a regular basis, it is quite easy to failover in the event of a hardware 
failure on the primary host. By using LVM's snapshoting ability, you can 
guarantee a consistent sync.


[1] or my US mirror,

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