Some questions on omsa (Debian centric)

Paul paul at
Wed Apr 7 10:06:00 CDT 2004

It comes in the same package files. I the installed dellomsa suite by
running script which fired up the java installer.
This was done on X windows on SuSe Enterprise server 8. It finished, but I
did not have a working http 1311 port open
nor did I have any way to start the ssl webserver (which is ting) according
to the dellomsa scripts.

Maybe try running the that comes out the
om36_lnx_managed_systemA00.tar.gz archive.
Then run via X windows (if you can) and that should give you
omreport, which you use in a shell script via cron to monitor health.

You can also do it via backdoor trick if you don't wanna start X or can't,
heck we dont run X on production servers, I'm sure other people don't.
You to give it command line args to do a silent install.
"./ -license -silent" should do the trick

The only thing I've noticed is that omreport won't get disk stats or health.
You would have to do that via megaraid or aacraid status in /proc.

Unfortunately the version of megaraid we run doesn't have the functionality
built in yet, in /proc/megaraid/status/0 we get TBD as a value, which means
its not yet implemented.

Let me know if I can help further

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> Paul wrote:
> > Sorry, in my last e-mail  I meant to say
> >
> > omreport system esmlog
> >
> > You can also do, omreport chassis, omreport system
> >
> Thanks for replying Paul. Unfortunately, I do not appear to have omreport.
> panama:/# omreport system esmlog
> bash: omreport: command not found
> panama:/#
> How do I acquire omreport (is it installed by the dellomsa deb files or
> from somewhere else)? As mentioned in my first email - 'dellomsa start'
> works fine. 'dellomsa status' returns nothing.
> Charlie
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