Some questions on omsa (Debian centric)

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Wed Apr 7 07:16:01 CDT 2004

Hi Charlie,

Ill try and offer some help. Welcome to unsupported linux os, as far as dell
are concerned.
Ok so you have dellomsa installed, a good start. When you type

bash# omconfig system esmlog

do you see the system log?

If dellomsa is installed correctly and working you should see the system
If it's not you'll most likely get a "user does not have permission"
message, after it prints the header and program details.
Try starting it by doing "dellomsa start" at the shell prompt, and maybe try
dellomsa status as well

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Subject: Some questions on omsa (Debian centric)

> Hello list,
> I am hoping someone more knowledgeable than I can help in my efforts to
> get some system information from my PowerEdge 650. It is running Debian
> (woody) with a 2.4.25 kernel. My main problem is that I am very new to
> SNMP and OMSA.
> I have installed and configured (to the best of my ability) the debian
> packages snmp and snmpd (net-snmp).
> I have installed dellomsa_4.90-3825_i386.deb and
> dellomsa-drivers_4.90-3825_i386.deb
> I can successfully use snmpwalk to traverse the Dell MIB by doing:
> snmpwalk -v 1 localhost public .
> What I would like to know is if there are any command-line tools for
> getting system information from the server? I have seen the programs
> omsa and omreport mentioned on this list but I do not appear to have
> either of them. Should I have them?
> Also, issuing the command 'dellomsa status' does not return anything -
> should it?
> Finally, on the OpenManage page of I see references to "a
> command-line interface for retreiving temperatures, voltages, fan
> speeds, an integrated web server (https://xx.xx.xx.xx:1311) for
> obtaining system info, etc. "
> Running 'netstat -a' and 'lsof -i' fail to show anything listening on
> port 1311. Also, it is not obvious to me what the command-line interface
> for retrieving temps, volts etc. is - should it be?
> I think I am almost there but I suspect I may have missed something very
> obvious.
> One last question, after I installed dellomsa_4.90-3825_i386.deb it
> informed me of the following:
> "If you wish to change the default password for SNMP Set operations,
> run the following utility:
> dcinuser32"
> Not liking the idea of leaving default passwords all over the place I
> dutifully ran this command and changed the password for user root. What
> exactly is this password used for (I haven't come across anything that
> uses it)?
> I'm sorry if some of the above doesn't make much sense or if I have
> omitted a basic requirement. Any info to put me on the right track would
> be greatly appreciated.
> Charlie
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