Using omsa on unsupported linux OS

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The only way I know of (without OMSA) is to boot the machine with a DOS boot
disk and run the LOG2TXT.EXE utility. I don't know if that's an option for
you - your situation may not be able to allow you to take your box down for
the 5 minutes required to do this if it's a production machine and there's
not a redundant system to pick up the slack.

Any of the Dell Admins on the list able to get us the source code for
LOG2TXT? Someone on here might be able to port it to Linux, and we'd have a
command line esmlog reader without the need for a reboot. That would be


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Hi guys,

I am desperately trying to find out why one of our servers has a flashing
orange light. Dell cannot asset as we are not running RedHat or Windows 2000
We are using SuSe8 and I've checked a few doco's and managed to find one on but it doesn't appear to start the webserver side of omsa.
The rest seems to install ok, that is omsa installed ok on SuSe8.  I can use
omconfig and read the service tag, clear the esmlog and so forth but I can't
find a way to actually read the event log to find out what the flashing
light is.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the event log or esmlog from the


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