Dell 2650 server candidate recommendation?

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at
Fri Apr 2 12:40:59 CST 2004

We have many Dell 2650s that we are using in our production environment,
all of which are runnign Red Hat 7.2 or 9. The licensing agreements have
been of concern to us as well. However, since our developers prefer Red
Hat, as do I, we have been testing some of the RHEL spinoffs. The most
outstanding release based entirely on RHEL AS3 is Fermi Linux LTS 3.0.1.
This is the Department of Energy's Linux version. It looks, acts and
tastes like RHEL AS3. I've upgraded one of our hosting machines to Fermi
Linux along with my own test server and have found it to works better
than some of the other spin-offs, namely Whitebox Linux, CentOS, and Tao
This way we keep the Red Hat scheme alive with minimal costs. Fermi Labs
has plenty of bandwidth and are willing to share. I will be setting up a
local yum repository for caching the updates.
One nice thing about their distro is that they have a rolling release so
you can stay on top of the latest patches.
Here are some links to their web site. I find it nice they have been
doing this since Red Hat 5.0 so they do know their stuff.

main page:
Fermin Linux page:
FAQ legalese:

I can't help yet on the SCSI DLT tape drives. But we do have one in
productions and I will be installing Fermi on it soon to test it out.
Fermi Linux stays very current on bug fixes, so there is no problem
Good luck. I hope that helps. 

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On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 10:57, Phillip Barker wrote:
> Hello List Members,
> I would like your comments please regarding using a Dell 2650 as an email
> and web server.
> I work for a local government office where email and web services are
> currently farmed out.
> I'm no stranger to Linux, having used Slackware since 0.99pl1 but I'm
> considering RedHat
> due to management concerns regarding future support needs if I'm hit by a
> bus.
> I'm a bit concerned about the bugs I see reported on a nearly daily basis
> concerning
> RedHat. How responsive is RedHat to releasing bugfixes and do they make
> those corrections 
> in cooperation with Dell? 
> One other question I have about RedHat specifically: Is there native support
> for SCSI DLT
> tape drives? I need to be sure I can generate bootable recovery tapes than
> can perform
> a bare-metal reload for disaster recovery purposes.
> I look forward to your replies! Please reply to the list so others can
> follow along.
> Thanks,
> Phil
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