Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

Philip Rowlands phr at
Fri Oct 31 14:07:01 CST 2003

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Eric Rostetter wrote:

>> Why would F-L need to exist before 7.3 EOL?
>Because its job is to continue support for 7.3, no?


>So if it doesn't exist yet and 7.3 is EOL, then you have no support,

Until 2003-12-31, RHL 7.3 is supported by RedHat.
After 2003-12-31, RHL 7.3 is "supported" by Fedora Legacy.

Today, 2003-10-31, RHL 7.3 is not EOL. F-L has 61 days to get up and

(I feel I might be missing something obvious here.)


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