Memtest86 3.0

Collins, Kevin KCollins at
Fri Oct 31 13:08:01 CST 2003

Has anyone on the list had trouble with memtest when running on a PowerEdge

I have a box (PE2400) that will start running the tests, but will die before
test 2 completes (this is reproducible).  By "die", I mean that memtest will
bail out and give an "Unexpected Interrupt - Halting" error with what looks
like a memory dump.

I've tried two different versions - 2.9 and 3.0 - with two different types
of media - 2.9 was floppy, 3.0 is CD.  Both versions were obtained as
"binaries" from the memtest website.

I'm not sure if this is truly a memory issue or not.

Anyone have an idea?

Kevin L. Collins, MCSE
Systems Manager
Nesbitt Engineering, Inc. 

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