Dell + Oracle + RH AS 3 ?

Wayde Nie niew at
Fri Oct 31 12:24:01 CST 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 11:54, Steve Mickeler wrote:
> Anyone know if Oracle is supporting RH AS 3 on Dell Hardware ?
> URL's confirming yes or no would be appreaciated.

Not sure about the Dell Hardware part (I would assume though, that if
RHAS3 is supported on the particular piece of Dell hardware, and Oracle
is supported on RHAS3, then Oracle is supported on the Dell h/w -- Hey,
that sounds familiar, isn't that the transitivity property ;)

Wrt to Oracle on RHAS3, I found it on MetaLink by searching for
"certification matrix". A search on their website for same, might also
pull it up if you don't have a Metalink account...

I'm using Oracle 9iR2, and it's listed in the certification matrix as
supported on RHAS3.

Hope that helps,
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