Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

Philip Rowlands phr at
Fri Oct 31 11:50:00 CST 2003

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Eric Rostetter wrote:

>> There is people working on it:
>Yes, I know.  But it doesn't exist.  Last word on the fedora legacy
>mailing list was that it doesn't look like there will be a build
>environment setup before the December EOL.  So there is no chance to
>get Fedora Legacy out the door before RH 7.x dies, from all

Brain glitch...

Why would F-L need to exist before 7.3 EOL? Are you regarding F-L as
some sort of separate distribution, rather than a few rpms of the next
openssh security errata? My understanding is that it will be the latter.
The build environment *is* RHL 7.2/7.3 etc.


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