Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

Xose Vazquez Perez xose at
Thu Oct 30 18:51:00 CST 2003

Eric Rostetter  wrote:

> I keep asking about this product and its future, but have gotten no response.
> Glad someone else at least mentioned it on the list...
> I would love to know if RH* Professional is to stick around or not, and if
> so in what form (box set, convince Dell to sell it, download from RH, etc).
> Yes, I admit I've not contacted a sales rep about it yet, but I've asked
> several times on mailing lists which RH and Dell are on, with no reply from
> anyone.

more info here:

> Which doesn't exist yet, and has no set date for existance (no build enviroment
> yet, etc).  Not an option.  Can't plan on things that don't exist.

There is people working on it:

HTML mails are going to trash automagically

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