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Thu Oct 30 15:34:01 CST 2003

Quoting Wade Hampton <wade.hampton at>:

> My questions to you folks are:
> 1.  What do I recommend to my customers who are just
>      now starting to take Linux seriously?

Continue to do so. If they want support, then use either RHEL if they
can afford it,  or SuSe otherwise. If they just want to play, then use any
disto they want.

> 2.  We purchased new machines with RHL and purchased
>      box RHL sets.  We used the same on laptops, clusters, etc.,
>      but were paying RedHat for a portion of our machines.
>      Often we had to purchase the "stock" machine/laptop
>      with Windows and load RHL.  If we have to pay for
>      **each** machine to use RH, some will question Linux
>      entirely and recommend Win2K/XP (afterall, it **came**
>      with the machine).   Any suggestions?

Find a vendor that doesn't sell you windows with the machine, then install
linux.  Or better, find a vendor who sells the box with linux instead of

> 3.  We only rarely used RH's support services (and only with
>      new distributions).  Is support worth $179 or more for
>      development desktops, laptops, home servers, the kid's
>      computer etc.?

For development machines, yes.  For the kid's computer, no.  For those
in between, maybe.

> I see this as an opportunity for RH's competitiors.  They
> could offer a clear migration and support path for the low to
> middle end.

SuSe would be in a position to do this, if they wanted.  Not too many others

> Some company could take Fedora and market it with support.

Not likely.  But there are companys like krud that will support the
older RH releases for a fee.

> I support RedHat and would hate to see this happen, but this
> is a free market and market dynamics could drive such actions.

I think they fully expect this, and still expect to make money with their
high RHEL fees.

> Cheers,
> --
> Wade Hampton (currently running RedHat 8/9)

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