Redhat 7.2 on the LSI u320 (PE1750)

Dave O Connor dave.oconnor at
Thu Oct 30 14:12:00 CST 2003

> Right.  You need the 'mptfusionh' driver, which is the LSI SCSI adapter
> driver, not 'megaraid', which is the RAID driver (since you don't have 
> the
> RAID controller).
> Now the hard part - finding a copy of mptfusionh for RHL7.2 that knows 
> about
> the IDs on a PE1750...
> We've got a driver disk for RHEL2.1 AS posted to (search
> for R56758), but not for 7.2.

I've found the LSI driver disk at,
and have managed to do an install using the prebuilt driver disks and the 
install media, but after rebooting into the system, I get a kernel panic, 
with unresolved symbols aplenty.
 I could possibly build my own driver disk if I knew the PCI IDs (LSI have 
the source released, bless 'em). Are they documented anywhere? I could look 
into making a DKMS package if I get this sorted.
 I'd run RHEL2.1, but a combination of having to justify moving to 
management, and hubris means I'll be trying 7.2 for a while yet :)
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