Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

Wade Hampton wade.hampton at
Thu Oct 30 12:24:01 CST 2003

I've been reading this thread and have a few questions.

1.  We ALL were aware that RH intended to limit the
     **support** of RHL to about 1 year.

2.  We ALL knew about the RHL 10 beta Severn
     (RH 9.95). 

3.  Many of us **expected** some continuity with the
     RHL line, at least a RH 10 -- even after the Fedora

4.  With the Fedora release of Severn, it still appeared
     there might be a RH 10.

5.  There is a significant **market** for RHL on desktops,
     small servers, home machines, laptops, clusters, etc.

My questions to you folks are:

1.  What do I recommend to my customers who are just
     now starting to take Linux seriously?  RHL was a
     great disto as I could put it on multiple machines and
     VMWare images without worrying about how many
     licenses I had.  I would pay for a few supported licenses.

2.  We purchased new machines with RHL and purchased
     box RHL sets.  We used the same on laptops, clusters, etc.,
     but were paying RedHat for a portion of our machines. 
     Often we had to purchase the "stock" machine/laptop
     with Windows and load RHL.  If we have to pay for
     **each** machine to use RH, some will question Linux
     entirely and recommend Win2K/XP (afterall, it **came**
     with the machine).   Any suggestions?

3.  We only rarely used RH's support services (and only with
     new distributions).  Is support worth $179 or more for
     development desktops, laptops, home servers, the kid's
     computer etc.?

I see this as an opportunity for RH's competitiors.  They
could offer a clear migration and support path for the low to
middle end.  It would erode RH's market share and influence.
Some company could take Fedora and market it with support.
I support RedHat and would hate to see this happen, but this
is a free market and market dynamics could drive such actions.

<joke>Caldera based their original on RedHat (2?) -- maybe
SCO can base their new distro on Fedora and offer support along
with their licenses and call it SCO L-Unix :) </joke>

Wade Hampton (currently running RedHat 8/9)

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