Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

Xose Vazquez Perez xose at
Thu Oct 30 09:48:01 CST 2003

Eric Rostetter wrote:

Be calm! Take it easy, that you are going to exploit.

> Shows nothing about the topic.  Says nothing about ending RHL.  Says nothing

Yes, you are right. It says nothing about Fedora,  but:

"Therefore, starting with Red Hat Linux 8.0, we have updated the errata
support policy and will now provide errata support for all releases of the
base OS for at least 12 months from the date of the initial release."

Do you consider RHL 8 a server oriented or production OS after this revelation?

If answer is 'yes' then you will not mind to get 3 months less of 'official' RH
support, or to get updates from Fedora Legacy or cooking yourself src.rpm from RHEL.

> Where does it say they will stop making RHL in the future?  Where does

This web appears on red hat front page. It was announced on redhat-watch-list,
And this announcement was done 7 months before rh_9 reaches EOL.

I can't understand your point.
HTML mails are going to trash automagically

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