PE2450 aacraid message

Jeff Wolfe wolfe at
Wed Oct 29 20:01:00 CST 2003

On Wednesday, October 29, 2003, at 08:32 PM, lpj0508 at wrote:

> hi,
> i had exactly the same problem that started around Sep.
> each time the message appeared, i'll contact tech support and they 
> just brought some replacement parts. 1st time, they replaced the raid 
> ram. 2nd time, they replaced the whole motherboard.
> now, with what i believe were the possible culprits replaced, i'm 
> getting this error again. i'm at my wits' end. if it's hardware 
> problem, quite unlikely for the same problem to return after the 
> components have been changed.
> like u i'm running redhat 8.0 with the latest stock kernel 
> (kernel-2.4.20-20.8).
> did you manage to solve your problem then? if so, please share?

It occurs to me that I never posted the resolution of this, from back 
in May.

The message was:
May 28 16:59:29 bob kernel: aacraid:ID(0:00:0); Error Event 
May 28 16:59:29 bob kernel: aacraid:ID(0:00:0); Hardware Error 
May 28 16:59:29 bob kernel: aacraid:ID(0:00:0); RAM Failure

The system was behaving normally, other than these messages.

After trying several times with tech support, I finally found a tech 
who was receptive to working on the problem. We took several hours to 
run the read verify function of the controller bios on each disk in the 
raid. Eventually, we found a disk with bad blocks. Once we replaced 
that disk, the error messages disappeard.

I will say that it took about 4 calls to get an engineer who was 
actually willing to work on the problems. The first several people 
either used the "we don't support linux" excuse, or gave me something 
to try and then, "call back". The guy I eventually got was very 
knowledgeable and helpful.


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