Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

jason andrade jason at
Wed Oct 29 14:42:01 CST 2003

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Darrin Hyrup wrote:

> There are people who have paid for the software who are not on a support
> for anything may not be in a good position to complain, but not all the RH
> user base falls into that category.

Have you contacted Red Hat directly to see what can be done ? or alternately
contact your Dell account rep to see if they can pursue this for you since
many people bought RHL through Dell.

With reference to the boxed sets and people with RHN subscriptions, AFAIK
they were valid for 12 months from purchase - is this incorrect ?  While
you are indeed customers,  if RH is losing money on the deal and don't
change it you won't be customers if they go under.

Not that i think they'll go under - but some opinions still seem to hold
that because Red Hat's business model is based on open source it should
somehow be 'free'.  I think it was a nice ride while it lasted (upto 9)
but Red Hat are in the business to make $$ - preferably billions.  It is
just that they want to do this pursuing a business model which works more
in the customer's favour than some other large software vendor(s).

Despite the combination of FUD and justified annoyance at RH i still think
they are the distro of choice at this time and it's a matter of educating
them to customers requirements rather than STITH.  They were always going
to have a negative reaction and perhaps if they'd managed it better it
might have been 80/20 in their favour rather than 60/40 or worse.

For the EDU people out there i've been speaking with RH and they are offering
what i think is a very nice deal currently.  Contact me off list or talk
to RH directly.. For the non EDU people - well you're meant to be hard
nosed commercial sobs.. get out there and grind that RH sales group down ;-)



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