PowerEdge 4400 PERC2 RedHat

Darren Rhoads drhoads at nxtrend.com
Wed Oct 29 14:33:00 CST 2003

I would like to ask this community a quick question.  I found this
mailing list through http://www.domsch.com/linux/#megaraid but I haven't
subscribed to this list yet.  If, however, my desire happens and we
purchase this server, I'll sign up and be a frequent requestor and

I have the ability to purchase a Dell PowerEdge 4400 server.  Dual
P3-600 Xeon.  512MB RAM.  Six 18GB drives.  PERC2, Dual Channel RAID
controller.  Dual 10/00 NIC.  3 hot-swap power supplies.  

I'm most specifically concerned about the PERC2 DC Controller.  I would
be using this server as a qualification bed, first to document RAID 0,
1, 5, 10, etc using RedHat software RAID.  And then to qualify and
document all other aspects of RH linux system admin on a system
comparable to what my company's customers could end up using.  

My questions are these:

1)       Would the PERC2 DC controller work at all with RH Linux 9 or AS

2)       If so, can we 'turn off' hardware RAID and just see the
straight drives in RH Linux to do software RAID?

3)       Then, once done with software RAID, can we go back to hardware
to play with that config?

Please reply to my email address:  drhoads at nxtrend.com if at all


Darren Rhoads

Sr. Technical Support Consultant

(Database/Performance Istar)

NxTrend Technology Inc.

drhoads at nxtrend.com


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