Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

David Chait davidc at
Wed Oct 29 11:32:01 CST 2003

> I see a lot of people complaining about how RH has treated their
> If you look up the definition of customer, it is someone who PAYS for a
> or service.  Outside of those who have actually bought ES/AS/WS or RH
> support contract, they don't appear to have too many customers.
> Subsequently, they probably don't care if the people who take their
> for free can't forecast their businesses with the rapid changes.
> You get what you pay for.

Yes and no, they had a great opportunity to turn a lot of those who were
using the free product to content and paying customers had they orchestrated
the change better. By forcing us to upgrade without proper budgetary
planning, they did not engender a lot of goodwill with anyone, just the
opposite in fact. It doesn't matter if the product you sell is free or worth
millions, trust is key to any future business relationship, and if we cannot
trust a vendor to provide adequate warning of major changes, then how can we
depend on their products for key services? RH products are as popular as
they are because they had lots of grassroots support in the community,
people willing to sell it for them in business, by biting the proverbial
hand that fed them, they may see short term gains, but they will loose out
in the long term. Anyway, it's done, and we've discussed it to death, all
any of us can do is just move on, be it to RHEL by virtue of extortion or
something else.

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