Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 now out

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I see a lot of people complaining about how RH has treated their customers.
If you look up the definition of customer, it is someone who PAYS for a good
or service.  Outside of those who have actually bought ES/AS/WS or RH
support contract, they don't appear to have too many customers.
Subsequently, they probably don't care if the people who take their product
for free can't forecast their businesses with the rapid changes.  

You get what you pay for.

Regards, Marshall

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Quoting jason andrade <jason at>:

> this exchange (and others like it) isn't very constructive IMHO.


> if we step back (and take a deep breath..) what are the facts ?

The fact is RH failed to get the information about their policy changes
out to their customers in a timely and understandable fashion.

> o Red Have have changed their licencing and support model as their
>   old one was not sustainable.
> o They announced they would do this about 9 months ago.

90+ percent of their customers did not get this announcement.  Many still
have not learned of the change.  I get asked every day when RH 10 will
be out.  Users are still clueless about the changes.

> o There were clear indications they would do this from the first
>   announcement of the RHEL2.1 product - it was difficult to see how
>   the RHL boxed set/download product was going to continue, though
>   they let it drift for a while.

But, if you didn't buy RHEL 2.1, then how would you have seen these
"clear indications"?

> o They didn't communicate (or consult?) well with their server
>   customer base on how to manage the changes in their business model.

Or their non-server customers either.  Or even seem to care about their
small server customers, who can not upgrade on a dime.  Killing off the
RHL line before the next RHEL (and Fedora) release is out was a bad idea.

>   It is a pity they don't seem to be doing this yet, a transition
>   period would have helped a lot, e.g you were a RHN/server customer
>   and you can takeup RHEL for a 50% discount for the first year or
>   something along those lines.

Or get support for RHL until you can upgrade to RHEL.

> o They are extremely unlikely to change back - the change was for a
>   reason.  All the wishing and complaining won't change that (but hey,
>   i've been proved wrong before :-)

I don't want them to change back.  I want them to give sufficient warning
and sufficient lead time for the change, so we can plan for the change,
test the new software before the change, etc.

> regards,
> -jason


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